Why FRS exists?

Most life assurance professionals will be aware that in the (mutual) funds industry the investment manager, the transfer agent, the custodian and the valuation agent for a fund are distinct legal parties whereas in the life assurance industry a life company can fulfill all these roles. The life assurance industry therefore needs a single integrated system that can manage all these front-to-back office roles. That system is Invest|Pro™.

How FRS got started?

FRS was established in 1999 by four senior level actuaries who had spent years on the other side of the desk working with different investment administration systems. Unable to find an efficient system they began building numerous ‘work arounds’ and disjointed systems and quickly realised that there was a tremendous opportunity to develop a software system that could solve complex problems for life assurance companies. Launching FRS the founding actuaries combined their industry know-how and investment product knowledge with the skills of leading software specialists to develop FRS’s flagship product: Invest|Pro™. Today twenty five Life assurance companies in Italy, the United Kingdom, Ireland and the US use Invest|Pro™ as their core investment administration and fund accounting system.

Senior Management


Peter Caslin MSc FIA - CEO

Mr. Caslin has over 20 years experience in the Financial Services industry, He holds first class masters degrees from Trinity College Dublin (Applied Mathematics) and Dublin City University (Derivative Pricing and Financial Economics).Mr. Caslin is a fellow member of the Institute of Actuaries (London) and a fellow member of the Society of Actuaries in Ireland. Mr. Caslin is a regular speaker at both Irish and international conferences on matters pertaining to hedge fund administration and technical investment issues.


Ceall O’Dunlaing FIA - CTO

Mr. O’Dunlaing has twenty one years experience in the financial services industry and has held senior IT and finance roles. In particular he has expertise in software development, having led the development of complex financial systems including valuation, EV and pricing models, multi-fund quotation engines and unit pricing systems. In FRS Mr. O’Dunlaing is head of Development. Mr. O’Dunlaing is a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries (London) and a fellow member of the Society of Actuaries in Ireland.


Paul O’Meara FIA - Professional Services Director

Mr. O’Meara has gained a wide level of experience working in unit linked life companies and is a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries. Mr. O’Meara joined Financial Risk Solutions from HSBC Life (Europe) where he served as the Finance Actuary. HSBC Life (Europe) is an international life assurance company based in Ireland, which provides retail life assurance products for the HSBC group’s offshore clients. In this role Mr. O’Meara was responsible for pricing unit-linked contracts, risk management of a large derivative portfolio and monitoring of the asset liability position of the life office on a monthly basis.


Frank Carr BA - CMO

Mr. Carr has built up a wealth of knowledge and experience during his career with International software and telecommunications companies. He has worked in North America and Europe.Before assuming his present roll in 2002, Mr. Carr’s positions included leading field sales and marketing teams in Europe. He has built up and run large direct and indirect revenue channels on both sides of the Atlantic. Mr. Carr has a senior proven track record in the sales and marketing area. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from University College Dublin. Mr. Carr is the Sales and Marketing Director at Financial Risk Solutions.


George McCutcheon MSc FIA - Research Director

Mr. McCutcheon is a graduate of University College Dublin (first class honours Mathematical Science) and is a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries (London).He has over 25 years in the financial services industry. Prior to joining Financial Risk Solutions, he was an executive director at the Irish subsidiary of a global life assurance group with responsibility for financial reporting and investment functions.In FRS Mr. McCutcheon oversees technical development and designs proprietary system methodologies used in the Invest|Pro™ system.


As Europe’s emerging fund administration system leader, we’re always looking for exceptionally bright and motivated people to join our team.